Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow, new GFC500, SE-MOO


Year of construction




Factory 0 time engine, prop, gov. New interior, zero corrosion (Dry Utah)
No corrosion. Wing spar inspections performed.

Time status

TTSN 5300 hrs.
Latest 2022 edition with roller tappets and 2200 hrs TBO + extension. Fly up to 3000 hrs.


All new interior. Modern late style side panels, carpets and new seats.


Very clean White over purple blue. No damage, no corrosion.


All GARMIN panel wiith Brand new GFC-500 state of the art Auto Pilot w Electrical trim, + dual G5´s and dual GNS-430 WAAS. GMA-340 Audio panel, GTX-335 X-ponder ADS b in/out. USB connections Pilot/Co Pilot. With dual G-5. All vacuum system is removed. Saving weight and maintenance.


LED lamps, USB conn and more. All old vacuum system removed, saving weight as well.
Looking for Piper Archer III? Read below for Arrow info:

Fuel injected engine, 20 more hp, 100 ltr more fuel, 15 + kts faster gives you more distance per fuel burned, and very important, more pay load with same amount of fuel. About same purchase price as a similar Archer III. Most Archer III also got heavy air cond as well, (that never works), making the Arrow even better.

And actually cheaper to maintain those retractable heavy duty gears than fixed ones with wheel fairings. We bought an Arrow new in 1992 and after 29 years still have it, together with one Archer II and one Archer III so we should know about Piper maintenance cost. More steady platform to fly. So really, consider an Arrow instead of Archer. Contact us for further information to compare.

We guarantee condition as described, or will pay any worldwide buyers travel expenses.

As always, we are no broker, we own this aircraft.

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